Disease-Specific Nutritional Supplements Aid in the Recovery Process




Our goal at Fiver Rivers Medical Center Nutrition Services Department is committed to provide safe and nutritious foods that meet our patient’s needs and improve health outcomes.

Five Rivers has a dedicated staff of Nutrition Service Employees oriented in their respective duties.  Vicki Brengard, MS, RDN, LD, is a full-time Registered Dietitian, and Paige Bishop, DTR, is a full-time Dietetic Technician Registered. We are proud of the assistance our department can provide to our customers.

Educational materials are provided to patients, employees, and the community upon request concerning the role of diet in improving health outcomes and disease prevention via in-patient counseling using the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Manual of Nutrition Care to help us meet our goals. Meals are provided to our patients, employees, and for Special Functions. Guest Trays are available upon request.

Good nutrition is a vital component in promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutrient requirements may vary during disease, surgical, trauma, and aging processes. Nutrition intervention is sometimes necessary to help individuals achieve a healthier way of eating, or to improve their health status. Many illnesses involving diabetes, cardiovascular, lung, kidney, cancer, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, eating disorders, weight loss and management, and comfort care, to name a few, can benefit from nutrition therapy to promote wellness, improve health benefits, or to help the patient during difficult transition situations.

Disease-specific nutritional supplements are utilized when deemed necessary to aid in the recovery process. Many of our patients experience poor intake for various reasons, have had unintentional weight changes, or may be recovering from surgery or an illness. The physician, dietitian, and pharmacist work together in a team approach to formulate a plan of care that will be beneficial to our patients. It is suggested that you should always consult your doctor before starting any supplement regimen to reduce the possibility of or prevent any food and drug interaction or drug and drug interaction.

At FRMC, ABBOTT products are often prescribed to fill in those nutritional gaps when meal time alone is not doing the trick. We will discuss a few of the products used to help our patients move towards that goal of improving their nutritional status.

Ensure Clear may be ordered for a liquid diet when solid foods cannot be tolerated. Other Ensure products added to your diet can help to you to be sure you are getting the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs.  Ensure, Ensure Plus, and Ensure Complete with Revigor can help fill in the nutritional gap.

Pulmocare is used for our patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, those with respiratory failure, or cystic fibrosis. This formula is high in calories and low in carbohydrates which help patients by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide production, which may help them to breathe a little easier. It provides extra calories, has 20% MCT oil which help enhance fat absorption, is fortified with vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene (all-natural antioxidants), plus 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Patients with COPD oftentimes need those extra calories, proteins, fats, and other vital nutrients. Eating smaller, more frequent meals and snacks can help get in those energy needs rather than three regular meals a day.  Your doctor or the dietitian can provide helpful tips to make getting the proper nutrition a little easier.

Glucerna products can help our diabetic patients having problems with illness, healing wounds, infection, trauma, or metabolic stress by helping them manage their glucose levels via a lower carbohydrate, modified fat, and fiber-containing formula that can help with achieving better glucose levels.

Suplena is used for our patients with Stage 3 or 4 reduced kidney function. This product is lower in protein, phosphorus, sodium, high in vitamin B6 and folic acid, higher in calories, and helps promote the intestinal tract health with NutraFlora scFOS, and Vitamin E.  It also has “Carb Steady” carbohydrates which aids in managing glucose levels and glycemic response.

Nepro provides therapeutic nutrition for those patients dealing with altered metabolism on dialysis or stage 5 chronic kidney disease, CKD. This can help increase serum albumin, prealbumin, and help improve nutritional status. It also has “Carb Steady” helping to manage blood glucose response.

Some patients need assistance with health issues such as healing wounds due to illness-related weight loss, trauma, surgery, diabetes, or delayed healing wounds.  Juven and Promod Liquid Protein are products that are prescribed at times that can help the patient having difficulty with skin tissue and lean body mass (LBM). Juven contains Arginine that supports protein synthesis and improves nitrogen balance, Glutamine which supports protein synthesis and preserves muscle glutamine, and REVIGOR, a source of HMB(beta-hydroxy-beta,methylbutyrate) an amino acid metabolite. These three components help to build and maintain LBM. Patients with illness-related weight loss, slow-healing wounds or surgical wounds, or trauma, or immune-compromised problems such as HIV/AIDS, may benefit from Taking Juven. Promod Liquid Protein helps those patients who need extra protein in their diet such as those with protein-energy malnutrition (PEM), anorexia, cancer, trauma, stress, burns, unintentional weight loss, or before and after surgery. It can also be used to help heal pressure ulcers. Other supplements are available as deemed necessary to provide the nutritional support to help that patient improve their health status.

Five Rivers Medical Center Nutrition Services is here to assist you, our customer, with friendly service, a balanced nutritious diet, and the tools to help with improved nutritional status.



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