FRMC Pharmacist Published With Procalcitonin Study









FRMC Pharmacy Director, Mike Broyles PharmD, has worked diligently for the past several years, crossing the country, educating Healthcare Representatives about Antibiotic Usage and improving patient outcomes. He recently completed a study in which he included data from over 2100 patients that had been treated at Five Rivers Medical Center. The study consisted of comparing data that was found with the patients who were treated with antibiotics prior to the use of a laboratory test called Procalcitonin (PCT) and those that were treated after the test was available.  Procalcitonin (PCT) is a Peptide Precursor of the hormone Calcitonin.  The level of Procalcitonin will rise in the presence of a bacterial infection. During the course of antibiotic treatment for these bacterial infections, PCT is measured to verify that the antibiotic administered is decreasing the level of PCT found circulating in the patient’s bloodstream. If not, Antibiotics might need to be adjusted or changed. As PCT decreases, the Antibiotics are able to be discontinued earlier than if other laboratory tests are used without PCT as the Physician’s guide.

What Mike found during his study, was astounding and definitely proved that antibiotic usage has decreased due to PCT availability and use. With decreased antibiotic use, the patient’s susceptibility to the side effects as well as other Antibiotic related sequela is vastly diminished.   All of Mike’s findings were made available in a recent publication of the Oxford Academic Open Forum Infectious Diseases. We are all very proud of Mike’s work and accomplishments. You can see his article in the link below. You can view the article but, please do not share it on Social Media.



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